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Things to do and see visiting Scotland

Scotland is far more than just bagpipes and kilts. It is a country with a unique culture, rich history, great food, beautiful nature and vibrant city life. This is one of those places you must visit at

Taste Traditional Foods

The Scottish cuisine has its distinctive attributes and recipes, but also shares some with British and European dishes. The chefs use mainly hunting meat, fish, dairy products and vegetables, with salt and pepper.The temperate climate of Scotland

The Highland Dress

The highland dress is the traditional costume of Scotland. It is worldwide known by the tartan pattern on the kilt. It is composed of kilt, sporran, sgian dubh and ghillies. The kilt is a knee length skirt

The Scottish People

The people living within the current Scottish borders emerged from two groups: the Picts and the Gaels that founded the Kingdom of Scotland in the 9th century. Later on, Germanic, Anglo Saxons and Norse populations became part

Scottish Culture and Traditions

Here you can find a collection of articles about the Scottish traditions. Get to see them live at the festival happening in Panama city. Explore the Scottish traditions without travelling to Scotland, because Scotland moves to Panama

Pipes and Drums

The pipe band manifestations are known worldwide. They are a traditional to many Celtic regions: Galicia, Spain, France or other regions in Europe or British colonies in US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India or Hong Kong.

Whisky Tasting Guide

It takes a long time to build up a good taste when it comes to whisky, but with the specialists that will tell you all the secrets about this magic potion you will soon become an expert.

Scottish Country Dance

The Scottish traditional social dance involves a group from three to eight pairs of dancers that follow a progressive pattern according to a choreography planned beforehand. It has its roots deep in the history of ballroom dance

Activities for Children

There are several places in the festival where you can leave your kids and allow them to learn more about the Scottish culture. You can enjoy some quality time together with your child or just let him

The Scottish Athletics

Highland games are the Scottish way to celebrate the Celtic culture twice a year, in spring and summer. Some of the athletic performances have become emblematic: the bagpipes, the kilt, the caber toss and other events. Its