Scottish Culture and Traditions

Here you can find a collection of articles about the Scottish traditions. Get to see them live at the festival happening in Panama city. Explore the Scottish traditions without travelling to Scotland, because Scotland moves to Panama once a year, when the highland games festival is happening. The Scottish community around Panama gathers to celebrate with traditional music, sports and culture.

We invite you to learn beforehand about the characteristic aspects of the Scottish culture. The pages provide rich material about the Scottish people and their traditional costumes – thWooler-horse-and-funeral-carriagee worldwide known kilt and you will soon learn the meaning of words like sgian dubh or ghillies.
Some insight on the history behind dishes like haggis and porridge is available on the traditional foods page. A small guide on whisky tasting is handed in beforehand, for the amateurs of this traditional beverage.

The dance, pipe and drums manifestations are the main areas of entertainment in the Scottish culture. You will look with different eyes at dances or pipe playing after you know about all the hard work and the synchronicity behind it.

The athletics, or highland games, are a good show to watch, or even to participate in, if your feel you have sufficient strength and training. You can even bring your children to practice these complex sportive competitions, with equipment appropriate for their age group. If you feel like having fun on your own, you can leave the children in the good hands of storytellers or the different craft project areas.