Whisky Tasting Guide

It takes a long time to build up a good taste when it comes to whisky, but with the specialists that will tell you all the secrets about this magic potion you will soon become an expert. Take part in the whisky tasting events organized during Scottish festivals and learn everything about this traditional beverage. Aces in the domain have put together a small list of tips on whisky tasting, to be at your disposal before the actual experience.

Whisky is made from fermented grain mash. Like wine, after fermentation and distillation, this beverage is agClaive Vidiz whisky collectioned in different kinds of oak, for a special spice bouquet.
The experience starts with a snifter – a narrow opening glass, to channel and concentrate the spices of the whisky towards your nose. It is usually served with a similar glass plate on the top of the glass, to trap the aroma until it reaches the hands of the taster.
Once you have removed the glass plate on top of your glass, swirl it into the glass one time, to oxygenate a bit the whisky and give it a few seconds to start expressing its true characteristics. Before drinking it, sniff the liquid three or four times to have the time to recognize familiar scents. Analyze its color too.

When you have sipped the first time from the whisky, turn it in your mouth a few times, so that all the parts of your tongue and mouth will capture the different flavours and stimuli. After swallowing, you will feel an alcoholic burn, but after this first unpleasant contact, you will start to feel some specific flavours. Tastes are very personal, so in this area there is no right or wrong. You might pick up some aromas other people will not notice or vice versa.

Another thing to look out for whisky is the finishing taste. At short time after consumption, some flavours might remain for a short, medium or long time in your mouth. This differentiates the whisky from other spirits.