Activities for Children

There are several places in the festival where you can leave your kids and allow them to learn more about the Scottish culture. You can enjoy some quality time together with your child or just let him or her have fun on his own. This is the craft projects area, where they will get creative and make different traditional Scottish objects.

  • The miniature bagpipe workshop teaches children to make mini bagpipes, learn the different parts of the instrument, the notes and how to play it. At the end of the festival, the best children will sustain a bagpipe concert on the stage, in front of the whole festival audience.
  • St. Brigid’s cross workshop will teach children to vow the four armed cross. Brigid of Kildare is one of the patron saints of Irish people. Her cross type is supposed to have inspired the Christian cross. These objects are set at entrances or windows as totems that protect the inhabitants of a house from any harm.
  • Storytelling is the place where children will listen to the greatest stories from the Celtic, English and Scottish folklore. Rab and his Friends, The Rajah’s diamond, Wendy Wood, Nuckelavee aModerator-42nd Sea Mither are just a few.
  • Celtic knots come in a variety of shapes and complexity. The children participating at the workshop will learn to make the eight basic ornamental knots that are the basis ground for all the interlaced patterns in Celtic art.
  • Illuminated Manuscripts of all shapes, kinds and materials will be created in the workshop with this name. Children will decorate the books according to their ideas, by combining the variety of materials at their disposal.
  • Athletic games and training can be a good method to spend the extra energy children have. They will compete with equipment appropriate for their age group.
  • Mini golf will be available to those willing to learn more about this national sport.